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Mind Identity

1.Enterprise philosophy People Foremost


2.Enterprise Sprite: integrity, Unity, Dedication and Innovation


3.Enterprise Purpose: Construct Material Civilization, Spiritual Civilization and Political Civilization; Improve both Enterprise and Individual Benefits


4.Operation Policy: Integrity for Trust, Quality for Winning, Flexible for Changes, Prevention for Risks, and Stability for Progress. 


5.Quality, Safety, and Environment Policies: Scientific Management, Non-stop Progress, Continual Improvement, and Pursuing Excellence


6.Corporate Work-style: Strict Requirements, Passionate Service, Efficient Operation, and Self-discipline.


7.Staff Code: Virtue and Polite, Abide by the law and Discipline, Study Diligently and Hardworking, To be honest deeds.


8.Enterprise Strategy: Developing Enterprise by Talent Management, Science and Technology develop enterprise vigorously, Main work solid enterprises, Joint venture companies and enterprises, Multiple benefits-Enterprise, Brand Effect Thriving Enterprise.


9.Enterprise Slogan: Based on Jiangsu, Serves The Nation, Go To The World

                                  JSCE, Striving For Industry Best

                                  Stronger, More Sophisticated, More Better

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