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1 project of Group won the first prize of 2013 annual "Jiangsu Construction Science and Technology " award
Time£º2013/11/19       Publisher£ºAdmin
According to spirit of the document, released by Jiangsu Province Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, "released on Science and Technology Award winning project notice of Jiangsu Province in 2013 ", the project, Technical Center of the Group and Southeast University with other units jointly declared " Bauhinia Park View Tower of Changzhou super large diameter vertical ring steel structure construction and application of key technologies" , was named" Jiangsu construction Science and Technology Award " in 2013. Members of the research group are: Wang Xianhua, Guo Zhengxing, Xu Ping, Hou Xiaowei, Gu Zhiqing, Gong Haoping, Duan Kaiyuan, Li Xiaoping, Shao Xuezheng
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